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How To Maintain Clean Eyelash Extensions

Everyone feels glamorous coming back from the lash salon—if only the feeling lasted! Maintaining that salon-fresh look requires proper care, maintenance, and upkeep. Fortunately, you can dramatically prolong the life of your look by learning how to care for your eyelash extensions. The first and most important step is to keep them clean. Practicing thorough lash extension aftercare will also help keep your natural lashes in good shape.

USE A CLEANSER The easiest way to keep your new lashes clean is by using a simple, oil-free cleanser. Ask your lash specialist about cleansers that are specifically made for extension cleaning. In the morning, brush your dry lashes from center to tip using a clean lash wand.

AVOID MOISTURE It’s important to avoid moisture after you get your lashes done. Be careful not to dampen your eyes within the first six hours after your extensions are newly applied, and avoid direct-water contact for 24-48 hours. Exposing your lashes to water could compromise the adhesion of the extensions, and ultimately send you back to the salon for a refill sooner than necessary. Any exposure to moisture counts, including steam rooms or baths (the steam coming from the hot water could dampen your lashes). After this initial period, however, you should be able to wash your face daily, shower, and go swimming on a regular basis. Just be sure to dry your lashes thoroughly afterward by patting them down gently with a soft towel.

DON’T USE OIL Oil can seriously damage the life of your lashes, so make sure you only use products that are oil-free. Be careful—sometimes products will include oil in the formula even if the label does not explicitly say so. Fully read the ingredients before investing in and using these products.

DO NOT WEAR MASCARA One of the main perks of having lash extensions is that you don’t need to deal with the hassle and upkeep of mascara! How great is that? If you must wear mascara, make sure you choose a water-based product that is specially formulated for lash extensions (note: this is different from “water-proof). Your lash specialist can advise you about the best products to choose from.

GET REGULAR REFILLS Stay on top of your lash aftercare by scheduling eyelash extension fills every two to three weeks. Doing so will give you a chance to check in with your lash specialist about how your aftercare routine is working for you, and keep your lashes looking squeaky clean and healthy!

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