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Cluster Lashes vs Volume Extensions

First, strip lashes now cluster lashes!?!?!?

Cluster lashes are thick heavy clusters of pre made bouquet lashes applied to your natural lashes. The problem is that these lashes are thick heavy and most of the time a lot of glue is needed. With these clusters your natural lashes can't cycle like they should. They tend to break due to the weight and glue of the clusters, they hurt and they look like fake lashes. These factors can lead to eye mites, eye infections and definitely unhealthy weak and short lashes.


Volume Lashes on the other hand are hand made and customized individually for each of your individual natural lash. These boutiques of .07 lashes can range from 2-6 lashes per your natural lash, while still protecting the health and integrity of your natural lash. The picture above presents a light fluffy full look without the damage of ones natural lashes. Volume lashes enhances your look without making your lashes look fake or bulky and tacky.

It is your lash artist's job to educate you and to protect the health of your natural lashes. If they are unable to do so you should probably find another artist.

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